A cutting edge treatment for scar reduction

Svedana Labs Scar Defense with PRXi + EGCg is a revolutionary post-surgery and post-injury therapy for the prevention of scar formation. This revitalizing and life-changing product is a long overdue solution to dated treatments.

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Svedana Labs
Scar Defense
with PRXi + EGCg

19 customer reviews


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This cutting edge treatment is an at-home solution for scar reduction. Our professional-quality formula includes Pracaxi Tree oil, which is known to aid in the reduction of scars while hydrating the skin and renewing cells. EGCg is the active ingredient found in green tea. When applied to the skin EGCg protects and reduces inflammation while stimulating collagen production. PRXi + EGCg dramatically reduces scar formation revealing smooth and healthy skin.

Ingredients: EGCg, Ascorbic Acid, Dimethyl Sulfone, Caffeine Citrated, Vitamin E, AloeVera, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11 C30-45 Alkyl Cetearyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, PEG-16 Macadamia Glycerides, Dimethicone, Oenocarpus Bataua Fruit Oil, Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil, BHT, Phosphatidycholine, Tocopheryl Acetate.



19 reviews for Svedana Labs
Scar Defense
with PRXi + EGCg

  1. ntilley (verified owner)

    I ordered some of the Svedana Scar Defense for an old knee injury and after a few weeks, my scars were much less noticeable.

  2. annmariesmithla (verified owner)

    Scar Defense is like gold for acne scars! I apply Scar Defense morning and night and I’ve noticed a major difference in my pitted acne scars- more even skin tone overall. Highly recommend this product for acne scars.

  3. Ann (verified owner)

    YES!! I finally found something that has worked wonders for me. I had a scar on my leg from a recent skiing accident that I thought would be there forever… I am beyond RELIEVED that I tried Scar Defense.

  4. Jessi Daly (verified owner)

    super glad i decided to try out svedana – big, big fan! wiped away the scar on my arm from a recent accident in just a few weeks!

  5. wellmanparker (verified owner)

    I’m now on my second tube of Scar Defense. The only cream that has come remotely close to working. I had ankle surgery a few months ago and only trust svedana to take care of my scars

  6. Angela Eakin (verified owner)

    I cannot believe Scar Defense worked as well as it did!!! I had some areas on my stomach that I wasn’t happy with post-baby and in just a few weeks I’m feeling more confident than ever.

  7. madeline foster (verified owner)

    so glad i took advantage of the memorial day sale. im already seeing results and i cant wait to keep using scar defense!!!!

  8. Ellen Goldberg (verified owner)

    I decided to stock up on Scar Defense after I saw the Memorial Day Sale discount. I have Scar Defense ready to go in my bathroom cabinet for when one of my sons scrapes a knee or elbow!

  9. collin kissel (verified owner)

    After a bad injury from climbing, I didn’t think i’d be able to get rid of my surgery scars. Alas after a few months the scar began to look so much better!!

  10. hstan15 (verified owner)

    I thought this cream would erase my scar completely, it did not. I stuck with it and it greatly reduced how it looks though. I will buy again if I ever need a scar reduction cream

  11. cherish ford (verified owner)

    My daughter had a tiny scar after cutting her leg open on vacation. After a month or so of using this every day, you could barely tell anything happened.

  12. Wendy (verified owner)

    My sons got me this for my 50th birthday. After my hip surgery, I was left with an ugly scar. This cream did everything I wanted it to and more!!!

  13. Lindsey Parks (verified owner)

    I had bad acne scars on my face that I was SO embarrassed about. I’m so glad I found Svedana. My face cleared up in just over a month!

  14. darla hilo (verified owner)

    took advantage of the memorial day sale and im so so so glad i did! it has only been a few weeks and my scar is barely noticeable anymore!!

  15. moo johnson (verified owner)

    I’m very thankful my friend recommended I try Scar Defense. I’ve struggled with acne scars almost my whole life and I’m finally seeing things start to clear up 🙂

  16. Stuart Lucas (verified owner)

    After a pretty bad biking accident I was left with a big scar. Svedana cleared it up in no time!

  17. Taryn Scarcella (verified owner)

    Svedana has helped me more than any other serum 🙂 i would definitely recommend scar defense to a friend, time and time again

  18. robbie proano (verified owner)

    my brother recommended Svedana, glad i listened!!

  19. Anna McChearn (verified owner)

    Cleared my acne scars up in just over a month

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Essential Ingredients in Svedana Labs Scar Defense

Svedana Labs Scar Defense contains premium ingredients known for their cell renewal and collagen boosting properties.

What an amazing product! I used it after having a C-section and you can barely tell I had one!

Rachel Mathers

My son cut his face pretty bad after falling at the playground. I was so scared about the scar that he would get, but after using this cream, you can hardly see his scar.

Monique Harris

Svedana Labs Scar Defense really helped with my acne scars. I feel much more confident when I go out now.

David Levy

I was skeptical when I first saw this bottle. I had tried so many different creams and ointments, and nothing was working, but this one really does work!

Nitesh Patel

I used this after having my first child, and I didn’t get any stretch marks!

Amy Nicholson

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