Svedana Labs Scar Defense with PRXi + EGCg is a revolutionary post-surgery and post-injury therapy for the prevention of scar formation. This pharmaceutical grade product is the first and only treatment targeted to reduce the formation of scars at their onset, unlike other products on the market which only address the reduction of the appearance of scars after they are fully formed.

Founder and visionary, Vikas Patel, remembers vividly the trauma and psychological damage his sister went through when she was eight years old. Having been diagnosed with Leukemia and undergone successful, but invasive treatment, she was left with visible scars along her neck and back. Though his family would spend hundreds of dollars on various skincare treatments and custom make up regiments through his sisters teenage years, those scars were to remain part of who she was for the rest of her life.

Thirty years later, Vikas found himself critically injured by a glass bottle that cut through his ulnar artery and nerve on his wrist. He was determined not to let this injury remain a part of who he was for the rest of his life and worked diligently on his physical therapy to regain motor function and strength in his hand. However, after consulting with multiple surgeons and dermatologists, he was disappointed to learn that there was not also a clinical solution for how to prevent a large scar from forming as his wrist healed. Silicone sheets helped flatten the scar after it was formed, but Vikas was amazed that there are shelves upon shelves of creams and gels marketed to help with scars – and yet his professional medical experts advised not to waste his money on them as they do not work.

He was determined to find a better solution and so began the journey of creating Svedana Labs, and its science based approach to skincare. After consulting with numerous industry professionals, and partnering with Dr. Vipul Khanpara, MD and Ken Bains, PharmD the team worked tirelessly to better understand the physiology behind skins natural healing process and the science behind why scars formed in the first place. The end result, they developed the first of its kind solution to address the prevention of scar formation at its onset, directly after injury or surgery vs. as an afterthought for an already formed scar.

Driven by a desire to unlock the true science behind skin regeneration, Svedana Labs Scar Defense with PRXi + EGCg is proud to stand behind a line of products that will positively impact the lives of many children, women, and men around the world by ensuring that scars no longer have to be part of who they are for the rest of their lives.